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Loc Workshop

In this workshop and training course you will learn how to loc natural hair properly. At the end of this 1 day workshop you will have the training you need in order to work in this industry as a certified Loctician.
This is a 1 day course that starts on Sunday and ends on Monday. Each day is mapped out to get the full experience on how to loc all hair textures properly.

Classes will include live models, mannequin head, tools, and manual.
1 day course is $650
This will include the Loc training, salon boutique registration training, and notary (if needed).  Class is taught by


Owner of House of Beautiful Locs\Master Loctician & Modlock Affiliate

About the workshop..

This is a 1 day workshop that will provide you the training need to submit to Ohio State Board of Cosmetology to obtain your Salon Boutique Registration.  Once you receive your Salon Boutique registration you will be able to work at any license salon.   You will also receive a certificate of completing this workshop.

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You will learn...




Hair textures


Starting locs (comb coil)

Scalp to part ratio and sectioning

Shampooing and conditioning locs

Maintenance (palm roll)

Interlocking starter/maintenance

Micro Locs Starter/maintenance
Crotchet locs (instant locs)
Loc extension
Loc repair
Loc reattachment
Client retention
Loc styles
Salon Boutique registration requirements
Natural Hair stylist requirements


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